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Your customised holiday

Your customised holiday in the peninsula of CrozonFor a romantic weekend or a holiday with family or friends, etc. we can help organise your stay. Select your main criteria: conveniences, type of activity, type of accommodation, programme, etc.

And we will design a customised package including accommodation and activities. Our consultant who has an intimate knowledge of the Crozon Peninsula will select the best excursions, the most original places to visit, the prettiest beaches, the rental with the right view, and the best activities.

Compose your personalised stay and ask for a price quote

Not just a holiday rental . . . a lot more!

Your customised holiday in the peninsula of CrozonVacances Crozon & Services provides a varied choice of holiday rentals with a whole range of advantages included in the price.

Our team is at your disposal during your entire stay to ensure you have a pleasant, trouble-free holiday.

Your holiday isn’t like any other holiday, let us know what you would like …